The Level Design Podcast

With your host, Scott Zurn, P.E.

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Welcome to The Level Design Podcast with Scott Zurn, Professional Engineer with over 3 decades of experience and Founder of Level Design Partners, a for-benefit Company striving to bring prosperity to the design professional. Check out what they are up to at

This Podcast will be exploring the in’s and outs of the design industry, bringing new thinking to outdated systems, and aiming to restore value and honor to the unique people who choose to be designers, engineers, and architects.

We’ll be discussing how you can thrive in this industry by creating more freedom, flexibility, and financial security as a design professional, regardless of your current situation.

This podcast is in part a foundation for open conversation regarding the A&E industry. In future episodes we will discuss the realities of the industry today and what the future may look like.

It is our belief that positive change for Architects & Engineers is not the obligation of the industry, but rather your choice to reimagine how we work together. We invite you to join us in creating a world in which Design Professionals thrive.

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EP 3: Modernizing our industry for the benefit of the Design Professional

The modernization of the business of A&E is going to happen, and needs to happen. In fact, it is happening as we speak. In this episode we look at technology and new business structures that are changing the way we work, collaborate, market, buy, sell and live.

We are shifting our thinking so that Architects and Engineers and thrive in this industry. We take a look at exponential change in other industries that quickly put behemoth companies out of business in a matter of years. Why couldn’t they pivot? Why didn’t they embrace technological evolution?

EP 2: The Industry Isn’t Going to Increase Your Fair Market Value

How much of your Fair Market Value are you keeping? Based on conversations with architects and engineers across the country of all different disciplines and ages, we have a pretty good guess.

We’ve looked at the past 40 years to project the next 40 within the design industry. In this episode Scott discusses the past, present, and future of your fair market value. How can we keep more of it? If you feel like you’re not keeping much of your Fair Market Value, be sure to listen to this episode in its entirety.

EP 1: Are You A Commodity

In our conversations with architects and engineers across the country of all different disciplines and ages, we have started to hear a common theme. The business of A&E has diverged from the practice of A&E.

Is today’s episode, Scott explores the history of our industry, how we got here and what the future holds. If you are an A&E professional feeling more like a commodity than a valued design professional, be sure to listen to this episode in its entirety.